Thursday, October 4, 2012

31DC2012 Day 4: Green Nails

Today we are featuring China Glaze: Gaga for Green for, well.. Green day!

Gaga for Green is my mom's Lemon Fizz to her (which is my favorite polish), she loves it! I think it's pretty, but there are more that I like better! Gaga for Green is a part of their Electropop collection, so it was limited edition. It's a not quite lime green cream. It leans more yellow to me.

I topped it off with JENsations Melon-coly, which is the cutest summery polish! Event though summer is over, I hadn't used it yet, and I thought it would pair greatly with this color!

The application of Melon-coly was pretty good overall. But the white bar glitter was either dominant, or non-existent. It may have just been the way I was applying, but it was a little tricky for me. I was pleasantly surprised that the black hexes applied as well as they did. I didn't have to dig for them at all!

Jensations is one of our favorite indie polish makers and we LOVE her star bottles, check her out here!

Up Next: Blue!


  1. I love this blog! It'll give me some good ideas to use on my granddaughters :)

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot. :) Spread the word!