Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chalkboard Nails by Sonoma Nail Art

We all know Chalkboard Nails. Everyone does! She's a great inspiration to all of us polish goers and she is very near and dear to my heart. To show my appreciation, I've concocted this CBN inspired manicure. 

Here is Chalkboard Nails, a polish inspired by Sarah. It was created by Sonoma Nail Art, and it is a beauty! It is a deep greyed black with white flecks & pieces to represent chalk dust on a chalkboard. So cute! I've paired it with one of Sarah's favorite polishes, OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. I've matted CBN to give it a real chalkboard effect! Visit the Sonoma etsy site for purchasing. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Random Swatching

Pelican Gray was listed as a "last chance" at Sally's (among others in this post) so I decided to grab it. It's a really soft grey with a slight shimmer, super pretty!
2 coats China Glaze Pelican Gray

Next is a glow polish. I LOVE GLOW POLISHES. Here is KB Shimmer Radioactive. It is a very bright lime green base with black squares, hexes, and bars. Love!

3 coats KB Shimmer Radioactive

Another awesome KB Shimmer is Let's Get Star-ted. It reminds me of Oh Splat in the sense of the milky white base. It as black stars and hexes. And also purple and blue hexes. It is so cute!
3 coats KB Shimmer Let's Get Star-ted

My mom recently placed an AEngland order, and we got some beauties! Here is Tristam. It is a navy blue holo, and my favorite of our order!
2 coats AEngland Tristam
Artificial lighting
Artificial lighting

Saint George is so so gorgeous. It is a teal holo, and it is super opaque. I did two coats, but you could definitely get away with one!
AEngland Saint George

Artificial lighting - 2 coats
Artificial lighting - 2 coats

Another "last chance" Sally's purchase was China Glaze Tree Hugger. I had noticed this polish before, but it never really did anything for me. But when I picked it up, I noticed some shimmer that I hadn't seen in the past!
2 coats China Glaze Tree Hugger

Below Deck is a perfect mauve shade. It leans purple, and I had never really seen anything like it. Great color for neutral work polish!

2 coats China Glaze Below Deck

Another grey China Glaze! Sea Spray is a basically Pelican Grey tinted blue. Same shimmer, an everything!
2 coats China Glaze Sea Spray

China Glaze makes great greens! Gaga for Green is one of my favorites and now Starboard is as well! It is a kelly green cream, and application is perfect! And as a bonus is doesn't make me have lobster hands. 
2 coats China Glaze Starboard

Monday, January 21, 2013

Untried Indies Month: Swatches!

Happy Untried Indies Month, everyone!

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty is first up on the swatch list. It is a soft grey jelly base with large white hexes, and small grey & white hexes. It can be found in the Different Dimension Etsy shop!

Here is 2 coats over China Glaze Recycle

Next up is Once Upon a Polish's Scuttle! It is a halfway sheer grey base that can be layered (which I've done here), or it could easily build up in 3 coats! It's full of black & white hexes and also has micro iridescent glitters. It is SO pretty! This polish is no longer available, but go support the rest of Once Upon a Polish in their Etsy shop.

Here is 2 coats over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Laquerlicious Ocean Treasure is a really dark blue jelly base with blue and greenish teal squares, bars and hexes. There are also a few scattered silver stars mixed in, which I found really hard to dig out. So I am letting it sit upside down to try and get the stars to the brush. Better luck next time! This polish is on sale in the Laquerlicious Etsy shop.

Here is two coats over Revlon Royal

Another black & white glitter! Here we have Every Beauty 66th & Broadway. This polish is awesome! It includes a ton of holographic sparkles with the occasional holo square glitter. Added to that are white squares and black hexes. This polish was very glitter dense and easy to apply! Visit the Every Beauty Boutique on Etsy.

One coat over China Glaze Spontaneous

Sonoma is up next! Mustard Fields is a green and yellow glitter base with yellow blossom shaped glitters! The blossom pieces came out, no problems there! Great polish. You can visit the Sonoma website for current polishes!

One coat over China Glaze Lemon Fizz

Kismet's Pajama's is made my Pam at Whimsical Colors. It is a purple jelly base with black and silver hexes. This polish is GORGEOUS. And I may love it a bit more because it is named after her cat. :) You can purchase Pam's polishes on her Facebook page.

One coat over China Glaze Creative Fantasy

Here I have DDP Polish's Queen of Hearts. We've had this polish in our stash for a very long time, and I had never tried it out! We have quite a few polishes with heart glitters and I can say that these hearts came out the easiest out of them all. Effortless application! Find DDP on Etsy

One coat over OPI Pink Friday

Eggnog Wasted was my first All That Glitters polish. And I must say, I adore this polish. It is a milky white base with green, red, brown, and copper hexes. And I believe I see gold micro hexes as well! I chose to layer this, but I believe it could be opaque in as little as two coats. All That Glitters is on Etsy!

One coat over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Well that's it for me today! Remember to support your favorite indie brands!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nail Junkie Valentine's Day Collection Giveaway!

These polishes are super cute and one lucky person can win them! Click here to enter the contest and see the pretty swatches. :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Glacier Bay Blues - My First Love

I've loved polish for many years and it started in my high school days, which was the late 80's/early 90's. I would go to my first hour class early so I could paint my nails at my desk for school that day. I would take yesterday's polish off at home in the morning and had a backpack full of mostly Avon polishes that I would choose from. I started that ritual when I decided to quit biting my nails, and as we all know, the best way to curb that is to keep them pretty!

As a former nail biter, sometimes that urge to mess with them gets the best of me in the form of cuticle picking. I fight it so hard and sometimes lose the battle, which is what happened over the summer. I don't bite my actual nails, but will poke and pick at my cuticles until my hands look absolutely horrible. I always keep them painted despite how gnarly they look, but wouldn't dare share a pic of them.

The point of this is that my cuticles are back on the mend and although they aren't perfect, I'm ready to show my hands again even if I'm not super proud of them yet. ;) I've been using the Trind system, and OMG is it wonderful! My peelies and splits are so much better. I have also been taking nail/skin/hair vitamins from GNC every day.

Onto the rest of the story...

During one of my two acrylic nail phases, I discovered OPI Glacier Bay Blues in the nail salon when the Candian Collection debuted (after looking it up, I found that it was from 2004). I was totally smitten by her and she was the first polish that gave me the now-familiar feeling of falling in love with a nail polish. She shimmered, she shifted and she reminded me of a dragonfly. I bought all 3 bottles the salon had that day, and am I ever glad I did!

I have never fallen out of love with her, and she is still one of my all-time favorites. In the "if you were stuck on a deserted island" scenario, Glacier Bay Blues would be the very first polish I'd grab, probably followed by OPI Brand New Skates.

So in celebration of my healing cuticles, I put on my old friend topped with Northern Lights. Also shown is the adorable ring that Emma bought me at Icing! :D

What was the polish that sent you into your obsession?