Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Random Swatching

Pelican Gray was listed as a "last chance" at Sally's (among others in this post) so I decided to grab it. It's a really soft grey with a slight shimmer, super pretty!
2 coats China Glaze Pelican Gray

Next is a glow polish. I LOVE GLOW POLISHES. Here is KB Shimmer Radioactive. It is a very bright lime green base with black squares, hexes, and bars. Love!

3 coats KB Shimmer Radioactive

Another awesome KB Shimmer is Let's Get Star-ted. It reminds me of Oh Splat in the sense of the milky white base. It as black stars and hexes. And also purple and blue hexes. It is so cute!
3 coats KB Shimmer Let's Get Star-ted

My mom recently placed an AEngland order, and we got some beauties! Here is Tristam. It is a navy blue holo, and my favorite of our order!
2 coats AEngland Tristam
Artificial lighting
Artificial lighting

Saint George is so so gorgeous. It is a teal holo, and it is super opaque. I did two coats, but you could definitely get away with one!
AEngland Saint George

Artificial lighting - 2 coats
Artificial lighting - 2 coats

Another "last chance" Sally's purchase was China Glaze Tree Hugger. I had noticed this polish before, but it never really did anything for me. But when I picked it up, I noticed some shimmer that I hadn't seen in the past!
2 coats China Glaze Tree Hugger

Below Deck is a perfect mauve shade. It leans purple, and I had never really seen anything like it. Great color for neutral work polish!

2 coats China Glaze Below Deck

Another grey China Glaze! Sea Spray is a basically Pelican Grey tinted blue. Same shimmer, an everything!
2 coats China Glaze Sea Spray

China Glaze makes great greens! Gaga for Green is one of my favorites and now Starboard is as well! It is a kelly green cream, and application is perfect! And as a bonus is doesn't make me have lobster hands. 
2 coats China Glaze Starboard

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