Monday, February 11, 2013

JENsations Customs Spam!

Emma had the lovely Jen of JENsations create some custom polishes for my birthday gift and both of them hit it out of the park! I was really touched by the thought Emma and Jen put into these polishes, they are just perfect. Three were made to match our pets and one will be revealed the beginning of April. Those of you who know me well will probably be able to figure out why that date has meaning to me and all of St. Louis! There's actually a blurry sneak peek in the background of the bottle shots here.

First off, we have "Fatty." This polish represents our baby, Audrey, who has the nickname of Fatty due to her, ahem, generous proportions. She's the best cat ever and if you think yours is, you are wrong! ;) Fatty is a beautiful dilute calico with a big bright white belly.

Fatty has big white hexes for her big white belly, small black and brown hexes for her fur colors and small pink hexes for her adorable pink nose! This was worn over CG Pelican Gray to pick up more of her beautiful coloring. (Sorry for the horrible phone pic)

Next, we have "Tickle Tickle." This represents my Indian Ringneck, Eephus. One of his favorite things to say is, "Tickle Tickle!" We say that to him when we scritch his neck and he took off and ran with it!

Tickle Tickle is in a soft blue shimmer base with orange hexes (his beak), large turquoise hexes (his tail feathers) and turquoise bars (for a feathery effect). Also included are silver holo squares, which really sets it off! This is over CG Seaspray.
The last custom I'm going to show you today is "Perkachur!" Our Lutino cockatiel is named Pikachu, but in the wake of the Gersberms meme, we have taken to calling her Perkachur. 

Perkachur! starts out with a light yellow shimmer base and it's heavily sprinkled with small orange and yellow hexes. Then her cute beady eyes are the big black circles. I have it layered over CG Lemon Fizz and the shimmer & yellow glitters in Perkachur! give it so much dimension!

Thanks to Emma and Jen for the awesome birthday polishes! My pets mean so much to me and to see them on my nails was so much fun. <3

Just one more photo while I'm here, and it's going to look similar to something Emma did a while back. We are both huge fans of JENsation's Melon-Coly and after putting on Cult Nails Deal With It, which is a gorgeous lime green with gold shimmer. This mani was just begging for a Melon-Coly accent nail!

If you haven't noticed, my cuticles are looking SO much better and my nails have grown quite a lot, even since the pics of the customs I took a couple weeks ago. I give the Trind System all the credit. I can't say enough good things about their products, they have made such a difference. Highly recommend! I buy mine from (link goes directly to the exact kit I use) and they often have 20% discount codes. Right now it's HEARTS20, but I think the code FAB20 works all the time. It's pricey, but totally worth it!

JENsations can be bought on her Etsy store here. She has a lot of interesting glitter combos that are really different. Plus her star bottles are crazy cute and store so well. Her service is amazing and she's an absolute sweetheart. We are huge JENsations fangirls!

I was very pleased with the application of Cult Nails Deal With It, and it can be purchased here.

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