Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random Jindie Nails Swatches

Long time no see! My mom has decided she doesn't want to be involved in the blog anymore so it's just me (Emma)! I'm going to try my best to be semi-consistent with posting from now on. Let's start with some Jindie's!

To begin, we have Snow Angels. A light blue crelly packed (and when I say packed, I mean PACKED) with dark blue & white hexes, small baby pink dots, some blue squares, and some micro glitter thrown in there. This is three coats with one coat of G&G HK Girl. This is going to be so pretty for the upcoming winter months!

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I need to start this one by saying how much I love the name, What's Eating Gilbert Grape is one of my favorite movies! Stompin' Gilbert Grapes is just too cute! A white crelly with purple, green, & baby pink dots, some neon green hexes and some scattered micro glitter. This polish really reminds me of my grandma because we used to watch WEGG almost everyday together, so I'll be getting her a bottle of this as well. This is 3 coats with one coat G&G HK Girl.

Barbies Have More Fun... your ultimate girly girl polish! I love the look of "floating" pink & black hexes in this white crelly. This is 3 coats with one coat G&G HK Girl. Please forgive the random black hex that's on my index finger! I didn't notice it while photographing the polish. Oops!

Here we have Strawberry Cupcake, which I think is Snow Angels cousin! Except this polish is more of a pink crelly with some added purple hexes. This polish had SO MUCH GLITTER. I had to take some off of the brush each time! This is 3 coats and of course G&G HK Girl! 

Take a look at all of that glitter!!!

Next is one of my favorite form this post! Dream in Color is chock full of green, blue, pink, white, & black micro glitters. Full opacity in 3 coats! I used two coats of topcoat here because the finish on this polish was a tad bumpy. This is such a unique polish! It reminds me of those color blind test photos. 

Take your time and.... Mango with the Flow? I sing that song every time I see this polish! Long story short, I love this polish. Peach is right up my alley! This is a peach crelly with different sized silver hexes, and some pink and yellow neon hexes as well. Will definitely be grabbing for this next summer! 3 coats with topcoat. 

Another clever name from Jindie Nails! Honey Blue Blue is SO pretty. An almost minty crelly with green & dark blue hexes. I have another bottle of this from a few years ago and they look pretty different. So maybe I'll do a comparison post on those sometime soon. I believe this is 3 coats plus topcoat, but it could've been two.

Here I've shown Hot Pink Floyd over black on the index and middle fingers and over white on the ring a pinky fingers. This is a SUPER hot pink jelly. It has a purple/blue shift and some shifting squares as well. There's lot of shimmer that you can't see well in the bottle, but look so pretty on the nail. This polish dries matte, as shown here. This is 3 coats.

This is Hot Pink Floyd with topcoat over black & white

Well, that concludes it for tonight! You can purchase Jindie Nails here, in various bottle sizes! Check back for some all new Jindie polishes here next week! You can view ALL photos from today's swatchfest in the Flickr album here:

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